This page contains testimonials from some of my clients (names are anonymised)

I came to Gill as a very broken man in his forties. Unable to find a way forward with my family relationships, unable to maintain long-term partnerships and even unable to see any work promotions on the horizon because my confidence and self-belief were so low. My head was far too full of the many problems I was carrying – I could hardly ever see the wood for the trees.I had experienced other counsellors but had given up with them very quickly, as they did not recognise that I had serious problems (because I was basically functioning) or they seemed to feel that I had to talk my way out of my problems whilst they just sat and listened.


Boats at Low Tide

Gill was very different. Right at the start I felt nurtured and cared for. She was not going to abandon me. As well as putting me at ease with her relaxed demeanor and conversation, I could always perceive, somehow, the enormous depth of her professional experience.

Over the course of twelve months, I put myself into her hands and invested my trust, at last. Almost imperceptibly, little breakthroughs started to happen. Over that year, she guided me through yet another relationship breakdown and many family arguments. Still, I could never understand how I would ever be able to manage my life properly and independently but again, trusted her when she reassured me.

Gill’s intriguing and complex mix of personality, professional qualifications, huge experience, instinct, natural caring attitude and various psychological tools to assist were all brought into play as and when she felt necessary in order to progress whatever matter was in hand that day. Never was I rushed and never did I feel panic (if I did feel anxious, she would find a way to reassure me).

A year can seem like a long time, but for me, it was absolutely the time I needed. I did not comprehend how I was being led through and even felt anxious when our counselling sessions had reached their natural conclusion, but Gill knew that our work together (she would not allow me to bestow the praise solely upon her!) was complete for now. She would always be there but it was time for me to try some independence.

Quality of Life

My goodness, what a change. My quality of life improved so much for the better that the reader would find it hard to believe me. Without going into details, I am now in a long-term and very happy relationship. I now have the tools to manage a very challenging family. And I received a huge promotion at work (they saw a new person in front of them in terms of confidence and self-belief and to this day speak about the change in me).

I always thank Gill from the bottom of my heart. I often think back to that astounding period in my life! The brain is a massively complex organ, but Gill’s professional help allowed me to understand my self and my past and live the second half of my life contentedly. When life goes wrong, I now have the tools and strength to deal with it. The whole experience has been amazing. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.
Testimonial from David



I had a number of sessions with Gill after recovering from cancer and was struggling to start living again. She helped me work through and unravel many of the complex emotions and thoughts I had at that time and helped me gain a much better understanding of myself and ultimately reach a more positive outlook. I would recommend Gill’s insightful and sensitive service to anyone needing a bit of help on their life journey.
Testimonial from Melanie



I saw Gill for 6 weeks, because I felt like I was drowning at work and at home, yet to all around me I always had a smile on my face and I could cope with anything!

Being able to talk to Gill helped take HUGE weights off my shoulders. People close to me were suffering badly with depression, there were a couple of incidents at work where people had been treated really unfairly – including myself, and my mother had died when I was younger. I felt like I couldn’t cope, as everyone wanted a piece of me to help them.

I would always drive to Gill’s sessions thinking: “I wonder what I will download today?” then I’d drive home smiling thinking, “Holy moly where did that come from!”

Gill was friendly, and warm, yet challenging in a caring way. She used a variety of strategies to help me “appreciate me” and made me realise that the only person who could truly look after me, was me! I started to value myself more, and without a doubt Gill’s 6 sessions helped me get through a really tough time in my life, and have helped to enrich my life from that point on! Little wise words she said to me will remain in my mind forever, and have helped me at various “wobble” points!

I truly believe EVERYONE should have Gill in their lives at some point! She truly is a star that helps others to shine again too!
Testimonial from Ann


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